Exhibition review: Tony Evans, Liverpool


Copper and bronze have for many years been a favourite of sculptors and artists. Liverpool-born Tony Evans has taken these metals and created works unlike any other. His exhibition is currently open to the public at The Gallery Liverpool and is well worth a visit.


When hearing there is to be an exhibition of copper and bronze sculptures and a chance to meet the artist, the idea of the type of person he will be begins to form. Working with such substantial and tough materials, it’s easy to imagine a big, brutish ironsmith-type; rough and ready with calloused hands and little conversation. The reality could be no further from the truth. Tony Evans is a warm, engaging and soft-spoken man with a passion and love for his work, of which he is only too happy to talk about.


Having worked for The Prudential for over thirty years, Tony explains, that his passion couldn’t be bottled any longer. After attending Liverpool City College and obtaining GCSEs and A Levels, he went on to achieve a B.A. Honours Degree in Fine Art. “This was only the start of it…” he says with a smile, as it was from this point his talents really took shape and Tony was finally able to experiment and fully focus on his craft.


He has created pieces for many public buildings and settings including ‘Inspiration’. This work, based on the flying horse Pegasus, can be seen outside the college where it all began and is a perfect example of Tony’s specialism: animals in motion. Many of his pieces capture perfectly the posture and shape of running horses and birds, mid-flight. That said, his work is not limited to wildlife. With many pieces celebrating the human form; his work resonates with the emotions and promises to inspire.


With his exhibition open for the next two weeks; experts and novices alike would be well-advised to pop along to The Liverpool Gallery and see these wonderful works. Entry is free to the public with pieces available to buy – contact The Gallery Liverpool for further details.



“A Solo Exhibition by Tony Evans” is open 18th November – 2nd of December, 10am-4pm at

The Gallery Liverpool,

41 Stanhope Street, Liverpool, L8 5RE – 0151 709 2442




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